It’s somewhere I go
Every night in bed
A land where I dream
Things appear in my head

It might be in Neverland
It might be in town
Above all, I get there
In my old sleeping gown

It must be quite near
I go there every night
But why can’t I find it
In broad daylight

A mysterious place
With surprises in store
If I want to return
I’ll just dream once more…


One thought on “Sleep

  1. Gosh was that ever beautiful. Honestly, that may have just become my favorite poem ever written. The beauty and mystical sense conveyed in that poem was just so much to completely overtake me…I'm still sitting here recovering from the greatness of the poem.

    There's just so much to love here: getting there in my old sleeping gown, the whole third stanza, the last two lines of the poem…the whole thing is just teeming with greatness. I love it.


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