The Road To You

This is it
The way back home
I feel the familiar smell of the air
The sound of nothing
That surrounds everything
And makes it into something

A trip down memory lane
Yet this time it’s the real lane
Still I can’t help feeling sentimental
Watching the road extend in front
Leading me to my one and only

Is everything exactly
As I left it
Maybe a small change here and there
An extra flower, some extra shelves
The people inside also change
Time shows no mercy
Will you still be the same
When I see you
But inside of me I know
This is home
This is where I want to be

But the world is calling
I need to oblige
To reach places far away
To embrace more people
The world is never at a standstill
Always changing
Never once looking back
Like we do

Lock the precious memories in a box
Keep it safe in the depths of your heart
Should you ever feel lost
In the world that never stands still
Open it
Feel it

Inspired by the song The Road To You, by Stefano Guzzetti


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