Walking With Happiness II — The Call

The color of wheat
The autumn wind
So sweet
I see a vision
Of our past
And the shadows
They cast
Night and day
I regret
All the hardships
That we’ve met
Is a tear
A pearl

Night and day
It leaves me thinking
What happened to
The old times
We were
Walking with happiness

It was warm and lovely
Back then, when
The whole world was
In our hands
The memories
Come back to me
Why did I set
The barrier
That keeps us away
From each other

Night and day
It leaves me wondering
Why I let go
The old times
We were
Walking with happiness

Night and day
I think it through
I never can tell you
The way I want to
Heart to heart
The closeness
That saves us from
But I left you
Something I shouldn’t do
And it leaves me dreaming
We are
Walking with happiness
Side by side
Walking with happiness

A response to a poem written by Silver, Walking With Happiness

Which is in turn inspired by the song by The Best Pessimist

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For whom you shine your shining light?
For what you fly each night?
What picture do you paint for us?
What message do you send?

In trees you hide, on leaves you rest
Always on the run
Yet with light, you show yourself
So beautiful, so fine

Among the dots, do you spot
The one you love the most?
They’re somewhere there, waiting for you
I know you’re looking, too

Are fireflies souls of fallen stars
That light up every night
Dear light, dear peaceful light
Please lead my way home

The Frog Prince

A witch cast a spell on me
With lots of smoke and fog
I saw myself in great surprise
For now I am a frog

Now I’m tiny, slimy, small
And green, as you can see
It seems the only hope I have
Is a princess to kiss me

I hopped to town, and heard a sound
The fanfare of the king
And I can’t believe my eyes
When I saw the palace gleam

Squeezing through an open crack
I found the princess’s room
I felt delight, she screamed in fright
And swept me with a broom

I told her my story grim
She listened with a grin
Suddenly, she scooped me up
And kissed me on the chin

Now the kingdom danced and cheered
For now I am a prince
Being with the princess, living
Happily, ever since


Frosty breeze
Windows freeze
Snow that cover
Evergreen trees

Candles bright
Colored light
Children running
With delight

Crystal snow
Brightly glow
Frosty wind that
Gently blows

Drinking joe
Cookie dough
Telling stories
From long ago

The time of year
With holiday cheer
The year is ending
A new one is near

Family dear
Friendship sincere
I wish you all
A merry year

Robin the Frog

Sittin’ on a staircase
His little green self
Why he enjoys sitting there
I wondered that myself
Smaller than the rest of us
Couldn’t reach the highest shelf
Being green and small, he was
He might be Santa’s elf

Sittin’ on a staircase
About the world, he thought
The wondrous magic that roams within
And all the dreams he got
Roaming ’round an undersea garden
Across the hills, he trot
Wondering what a rainbow holds
And the butterflies he caught

Sittin’ on a staircase
Worries, he has few
Enthusiastic, and hopeful
And very musical, too
He views the whole world differently
From his unique point of view
He brings joy and youthful spirit
To everyone, me and you


It’s somewhere I go
Every night in bed
A land where I dream
Things appear in my head

It might be in Neverland
It might be in town
Above all, I get there
In my old sleeping gown

It must be quite near
I go there every night
But why can’t I find it
In broad daylight

A mysterious place
With surprises in store
If I want to return
I’ll just dream once more…

The Rainbow of Life

Life is like a rainbow
It slowly comes and goes
It comes after a lightning storm
And ever since, it grows

Life is like a rainbow
It’s bright and colorful
Not many people notice it
But it’s still quite meaningful

Life is like a rainbow
It’s mysterious, as I’m told
Somewhere is the land of Oz
And somewhere, a pot of gold

Life is like a rainbow
Let you’re colors burst
Though life can be quite hard sometimes
Remember, it’s never the worst