Love is cheerful
Love is light
Love fills you up with delight

Love is singing
Love is glee
Love makes you dance happily

Love is sudden
Love is sweet
Love comes random when you meet

Love is solemn
Love is right
Love is sweet words when in sight

Happy late Valentine’s Day, everyone!


Walking With Happiness II — The Call

The color of wheat
The autumn wind
So sweet
I see a vision
Of our past
And the shadows
They cast
Night and day
I regret
All the hardships
That we’ve met
Is a tear
A pearl

Night and day
It leaves me thinking
What happened to
The old times
We were
Walking with happiness

It was warm and lovely
Back then, when
The whole world was
In our hands
The memories
Come back to me
Why did I set
The barrier
That keeps us away
From each other

Night and day
It leaves me wondering
Why I let go
The old times
We were
Walking with happiness

Night and day
I think it through
I never can tell you
The way I want to
Heart to heart
The closeness
That saves us from
But I left you
Something I shouldn’t do
And it leaves me dreaming
We are
Walking with happiness
Side by side
Walking with happiness

A response to a poem written by Silver, Walking With Happiness

Which is in turn inspired by the song by The Best Pessimist

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Beating a steady tone
Is it a heart, or just a heart?
Else why am I sad
When we’re apart?

Far, far away
Where I cannot see
If you are looking
At me

Is distance a barrier
Or just a number
That separates
One another

Dreams are bridges
That connect
Our souls

I’m dreaming

Are you there
Out there

They say…

They say that love is beautiful
Makes your footsteps spring
Flowers bloom in wintertime
And merry songbirds sing

They say that love is everything
Day to moonlit night
A day without her by your side
Is a day not right

They say that love is natural
It is what you are
Everybody falls in love
You needn’t look that far

They say…


A lighthouse when you’re lost at sea
A lantern when it’s night
A jacket when the wind is strong
A hope you don’t lose sight

A blanket when it’s wintertime
A fire when it’s cold
A warm hug when you’re feeling down
A love, as good as gold