Sitting there on a flagpole
Almost ten feet high
Singing a song, from his soul
While looking at the sky

Taking a tire, eating it whole
Many wouldn’t even try
Juggling plates, spoons and a bowl
And reciting the digits of pi

Crazy stunts, no control
That I won’t deny
But if you see him as a whole
You’ll really love that guy


Robin the Frog

Sittin’ on a staircase
His little green self
Why he enjoys sitting there
I wondered that myself
Smaller than the rest of us
Couldn’t reach the highest shelf
Being green and small, he was
He might be Santa’s elf

Sittin’ on a staircase
About the world, he thought
The wondrous magic that roams within
And all the dreams he got
Roaming ’round an undersea garden
Across the hills, he trot
Wondering what a rainbow holds
And the butterflies he caught

Sittin’ on a staircase
Worries, he has few
Enthusiastic, and hopeful
And very musical, too
He views the whole world differently
From his unique point of view
He brings joy and youthful spirit
To everyone, me and you