A lighthouse when you’re lost at sea
A lantern when it’s night
A jacket when the wind is strong
A hope you don’t lose sight

A blanket when it’s wintertime
A fire when it’s cold
A warm hug when you’re feeling down
A love, as good as gold


My sister

I have a little sister here
Who follows me around
She takes the blankets off my bed
And lies down on the ground

She chews my favorite teddy bear
And puts them in the dump
She takes the china sugar bowl
And breaks them with a thump

I can’t find my pencil box
Of course, it’s in her room
The floor is filled with cookie crumbs
I wonder where’s the broom?

Insists on crying in the night
It really makes me frown
I have a test tomorrow morn’
Will you please keep it down?

Though she can be troublesome
I still love her dear
Day by day, and month by month
And every single year


It all began
On a sunny day
School is in
And the day passed halfway

Our English teacher
With a smirk
Gave us all
Some extra work

To write a poem
Short or long
Just to prove
Our English is strong

I got some paper
Pen and ink
Figuring out rhymes
Think and rethink

I wrote and wrote
With determination
A masterpiece is finished
I got satisfaction

From that moment on
Writing poems, I love
Endlessly, I write
I don’t need a shove