Walking along
The streets alone
The lights shone
On the cobblestone

I marvel
As the stars sparkle
Islands of light
The puddles reflect
Like silver


Empty streets
Melting sleet
Freezing wind
Chills the feet

Clouds hover
The moon covered
Lights dim
Feeling grim
Like nothing



Rainfall, colors of gold
Magical, as I’m told
Dancing, that we admire
Becomes the chariots of fire

Yellow, gold, orange, brown
Falling softly, bringing down
The curtain of winter
A pattern we can not deter


For whom you shine your shining light?
For what you fly each night?
What picture do you paint for us?
What message do you send?

In trees you hide, on leaves you rest
Always on the run
Yet with light, you show yourself
So beautiful, so fine

Among the dots, do you spot
The one you love the most?
They’re somewhere there, waiting for you
I know you’re looking, too

Are fireflies souls of fallen stars
That light up every night
Dear light, dear peaceful light
Please lead my way home