The Frog Prince

A witch cast a spell on me
With lots of smoke and fog
I saw myself in great surprise
For now I am a frog

Now I’m tiny, slimy, small
And green, as you can see
It seems the only hope I have
Is a princess to kiss me

I hopped to town, and heard a sound
The fanfare of the king
And I can’t believe my eyes
When I saw the palace gleam

Squeezing through an open crack
I found the princess’s room
I felt delight, she screamed in fright
And swept me with a broom

I told her my story grim
She listened with a grin
Suddenly, she scooped me up
And kissed me on the chin

Now the kingdom danced and cheered
For now I am a prince
Being with the princess, living
Happily, ever since