The Piper

This is one of my long-term projects. In Anne’s House of Dreams by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Walter wrote a poem titled The Piper. It was never shown in the book, but it is supposed to be about war and fate, and is quite successful. Though others have written this before, I wish to capture the moment myself.

The Piper

It is fear, do you see
But there’s hope on the other side

Here he comes with music sweet
Uncertainty, danger, and adventure
Things we never would’ve imagined
And I will follow

Hear the beauty of their song
“Come, come”, the music calls
And I will follow, without a doubt
To the ends of the earth (lion’s cave afar, wherever it goes)

I hear it calling, everyone
All will follow, none behind
Where and why and how and where,
No one knows, and no one cares

Over mountains, through the valleys
Winding rivers deep and strong
Till we find what we have yearned
There is no end, and we shall strive

I see the piper, I see him come
Man and women, everyone!
It’s a song of hope and fear
And we shall follow —

Will we find a brave new world
A place of our ideals
Let us facets unknown land
Death is not our fear


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