This is a dump of my unfinished work. I may or may not finish these and make them a regular post.


Viele Ideen noch nicht erstellt
Tausende Geschichten noch nicht erzählt
Nur die Spitze des Eisbergs ist


Think of me
When you see the moon
For I am looking too

Man on the moon

Looking for Alaska

I was a drizzle
And she a hurricane

How to escape
The labyrinth of suffering
The fast lane, they said
Comes the ending


Is it true, is it real
Do I really feel
What it means to be loved
By someone I love

I thought I’d get by
Without anyone by my side
But now I can’t picture
You saying goodbye

Why does this exist
This horrid curse
Attraction, so strong
Its hard to reverse


Raging winter wind
Stopping at nothing in sight
Chills you to the bone


Reach inside and feel
What your heart is telling you
Deep inside is what is real

If every person thought the same
Could we accomplish more
If all the world were joined as one
Could our society soar

Would everything run peacefully
Without diversity

We all are different, that is true
It’s what makes us whole

The world is not a wishing well
Don’t expect perfection


Do we ever see
Everything in whole
Or just the outside

Is the covering protection
Or just a prison
We shut ourselves in

Are we too shy
To be what we are
Without shame

The masks on ourselves
We put ourselves
Hide ourselves
From ourselves

The world we see
Is not what we see


Dear darkness, I bid you goodnight
As the moon and stars shine bright
Sparrows fly back to their nest
As the world stops to take a rest

Soothing breezes gently sweep
Crickets sing us all to sleep


A time of beauty

An endless sea of mist and mystery
Endless thoughts of the past
When you wonder if time has been frozen by the harsh cold
Crystals of time
Like the snow that lay fresh on the ground
Like the ice that froze on the pond

They come back to me
Ghosts of the past
Bring the ghosts of the future
Haunting me
In the present

I see shadows on the horizon
I hear cries of uncertainty
Not knowing what to believe
Not knowing what to do
Snowflakes fall
As if they didn’t care

Not Alone

Is a party of one
A party of none
There is no problem
With being alone

’cause I’m not alone
I’m feeling ok
I do like people
But not that way

Don’t think that I’m broken
Because I’m different
Everyone’s different
In a different way


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